Clamour for seats grows in Cong, Sharief replaced by Pu Sangliana?

BANGALORE, MARCH 25: It is a party which is more than a century old and has too many ‘heavy weights’. And, naturally the high command is under too much pressure to accommodate every senior leader’s wish list while choosing candidates for the Lok Sabha constituencies.

Congress sources said a good number of senior leaders have been trying to get their names included or trying to get their followers’ name included in the list which has to get the final approval by Sonia Gandhi.

The new names which have been reportedly included over the last few days are – Arathi Krishna, Community Development Officer, US Embassy, Washington for Udupi-Chikmagalur, Jayaprakash Hegde, former minister for Udupi-Chikmagalur, Prof Rajiv Gowda (Bangalore South), former minister Margret Alva (Karwar), Kodandaramaiah (Tumkur), Jayaram Reddy, a realtor, K C Ramamurthy, former IPS officer, Vasanti Shivanna, Prof B K Chandrashekar, Ramesh Kumar and T V Maruthi (all for Bangalore South).

Sources said that former CM Veerappa Moily’s name has been included in the panel of names for both Chikkaballapur and Mangalore constituencies, Vinay Kumar Sorake (Udupi-Chikmagalur), C K Jaffer Sharief has been reportedly replaced by H T Sangliana for Bangalore Central.

Party sources said if Moily contests from Chikkaballapur, the JD(S) will field Bhavani, wife of H D Revanna. But the JD(S) has been denying any such move. “Some of the seniors are just using their clout to include their names or their associates’ names, in the list. The list had been approved by the State poll panel,” a senior leader said.

Source: Deccan Herald

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KNO salutes students on protest anniversary

TUITHRAPHAI, MARCH 24: Marking the second anniversary of the 'Kuki Students' Uprising' in New Delhi, the armed outfit Kuki National Organisation today said the organization saluted all the student organizations and specially the '154 brave students who were dumped inside the Tihar Jail' for demonstrating their solidarity towards the cause and sufferings of the Kukis.

"On this historic day, the 23rd March 2007, more than 800 Kuki Students in Delhi & NCR along with other students' organization surrendered their career, time and pure blood to dissent the legacy of British Imperialist towards the Kukis propagated by the Manipur and Central Govt of India," reads the KNO communique signed by Lenin H Kuki, Secy Info & Pub.

The uprising according to the outfit was evoked by the raping of 20 Hmar-Kuki women at Parbung (Inpui note: Should be Lungthulien Village inplace of Parbung) besides maiming many Kukis by planting landmines and IEDs by the UNLF.

They also abducted in collaboration with the military Junta of Myanmar more than 700 innocent Kukis from Chandel district including aged, infants and pregnant women on the night of 13 March, 2007, it further contended.

The students who marched towards the Indian Parliament on this fateful day were provoked by these indecent and barbarous acts.

They were meted with defamatory words, molested, lathi charged, hurled with canons and tear gas and firing by Delhi Police, alleged the statement.

Source: The Sangai Express

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Highlights of Congress’ Bharat Nava Nirman rally; Pu Sangliana Soars

DAVANAGERE(KARNATAKA): The event which was scheduled to start at 10 am as per the announcement made by organisers with Sangeetha Katti’s music program, it
started at 12.15 pm.

Only at 12.30 pm did many people rush into the the convention hall and occupy all the chairs, totalling up to one lakh.

A few Congress workers teams arrived at convention hall by blowing the trumpets.

Flags of NSUI were found hanging in the convention hall.

Seva Dal volunteers wearing white clothes and caps supervised and assisted the crowd.

Majority of the crowd stood up on the chairs and cheered with waving hands as soon as the helicopter of Sonia Gandhi landed on the ground at 1.15 pm.

R V Deshpande, Sonia Gandhi and Gulam Nabi Azad, Mallikarjun Kharge, D K Shivakumar, Siddaramaiah, Jaffer Sharief were seated on the high rise dais.

A sandalwood carving of lord Sri Krishna was presented to Sonia Gandhi as a welcome gift and a `kunch’ was blown to mark the commencement of the LS poll campaign. At the end, a portrait of late Sri Rajiv Gandhi was presented to her.

Fans of Sangliana cheered as soon as he entered along with SPG men.

Film star Ambareesh was not seen at the convention. The event was over at 2.10 pm.

Watermelon shops were flooded with people. It was like a fair or market day just outside the convention hall, flooded with ice cream shops, sugar cane juice stalls, and other eatables stalls.

Over 300 buses, including lorries, tractors and hundreds of cars and thousands of two wheelers were found in the parking areas.

Source: Times of India

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BHCF Keyboard Thar Lawmna

viBANGALORE, MARCH 22: Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship (BHCF) thlakhat sung keyboard target (February thla), a an nei chu March 22 khan mit ngeia an hmu thei tak leiin lawmna prokram an hmang.

Keyboard hi Yahama PSR-S 700 (Inhma lai a PSR- 2100 le equivalent) a thar hlawk, Rs 4,7350 man a nih. Ari khawm a tha tawkin hmet ding a kim hle ni’n a thiem han an hril.
Member han an thei ang tawk tawk chawikhawma “Pathien inpakna” ding ti a an thawlawm ani leiin, a tak ngei a an hang hmu leiin an hmelah lawmna an lang.
“Aw Lalpa ropui, hi hmangruo hin mihriem suk ropuinaw sienla, hi hmangruo hin fellowship thuoituhai suk ropuinaw sienla, hi hmangruo hin a hmettuhai le musician hai hming suk ropuinaw sienla, Nangma hming chau sukropui sienla kan nuom anih… ,” ti’n Rev Jonathan Pudaite in mipui hma-ah keyboard hawngna neiin Pathien kutah an kawltir.

Keyboard lawmna hunah hin remchang takin Hmarnau ei suong ve em em laia pakhat, MP lo ni tah, Pu Dr HT Sangliana chu thuhriltu ni’n Pathien thucha le a lungrila an voi hai mipui lai a phorlang in hun a hmang. Indian parliament lekha (parliamentary proceeding papers) ah Isu Krita hming zieklut a ni dan le Pathien tadinga “thil chite te” a thaw hai hrilin ngaithlatuhai chu taimatak le ringumtaka an sin hai thaw pei dingin a ditsak thu a hril sa bawk.

Inkhawm prokram zo ani hnungin keyboard thar hmangin hall-ah rimawi rem a nih. Rev Jonathan Pudaite le BHCF secretary Pu Jonathan Kungate in prokram an thuoi a. Titi-lengkhawm ani angin BHCF hmalak dan ding hai hrilna nei nghal a nih. Pastor nei dan ding dam hril lang sa ani a. Hi kawngah hin mipui le thuoitu hai chun Hmar Christian Leaders Forum (HCLF) a inthawkin beiseina lientak an nei ni’n an lang.
Lawmna Ruoi
Bangalore a Hmarnauhai vangneina tamtak laia pakhat chu thil an ri met chun ‘Tho ro, ruoi the’ng ei tiu’ ti thei an um deu zingna hih a nih. ‘Keyboard meuh an ri uoi uoi ta chun fak le dawn a hnuk chawm ve a awm’ ti’n thahnemngai BHCF member Pu L K Mawia, Pu Jonathan Kungate le Pi Nancy Morton han ruoi an hung tum a. Arsa hmepawk le vawksa-bawngsa chartang inhnik takin fatu han an buotsai chu BHCF chairman Pu Robert in Pathien kuomah inhlanna a nei zoin hlim le lawmtakin kil tlang a nih.

Hme rim a hrat hle ani awm a, Kannadiga hai football petna a chief guest hun a hmangzo hnungin Pu Sangliana khom ruoithena hmun Pi Dari hai In a la pan ngat a nih.

Member hai an hlimin lung an ruol hle ni’n an lang.

Karthar Pathienni hin Delhi tienga thuoitu Pu R H Hminglien in Pathien thucha hrilna nei a tih.

Tak nisi mak ve tak: Nikum Sikpui Ruoi khan HSA, Bangalore branch thuoitu le mipuihai zarin tukhawm inrui a buoina siem an um nawh. Sikpui Ruoi hmanglai-ah chu a la thienghlim pawl tak ni’n Inpui rikod-ah ei zieklut nghal a nih. Entawn thlak tak an nih.


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Fight for B’lore Central: Sharief keeps Cong guessing

BANGALORE,MARCH 21: Senior Congressman C K Jaffer Sharief, it looks, knows the art of being in news during elections. On Saturday, the rumour mill worked overtime saying that Sharief may quit the Congress to join the BSP or the JD(S).

The rumour-mongers said Sharief, who has sought ticket to contest from Bangalore Central, is planning to join the BSP. And, in all probability, he would contest the poll under the ‘elephant’ symbol.

Another source said that JD(S) leader H D Deve Gowda met Sharief between 1 pm and 3.15 pm to request him to join the JD(S).

A source in the Congress said Oscar Fernandes is not for fielding Sharief because H T Sangliana has sought ticket to contest from Bangalore Central.

Last Friday, a group of minority community leaders met Sonia Gandhi at Delhi. “Iqbal Saradagi, Rehman Khan and Jaffer Sharief were part of the group. Sharief had earlier told Sonia that he will not contest the polls.

In contrast, he tried to seek ticket which left the Madam infuriated. It seems the party has promised Sangliana a ticket,” a Congress leader said.Another source said that the high command, realising that Sharief may quit the Congress, has sent a team of leaders to pacify him and retain him in the party. When contacted, Sharief spiked the rumours by saying, “I am a Congressman and I will contest from Bangalore Central.” Asked whether he met Gowda this afternoon, he replied in the negative while saying Gowda is a good friend of him and both keep meeting each other.

When asked whether he has a chance to get ticket with Sangliana being a strong contender, Sharief said, “How can Sangliana be considered as a strong contender? I lost the seat last time with just 16,000 votes. I had represented the constituency for 35 years. I have not sought ticket from any other party. The BSP has not approached me.” Asked whether he would cross over to other party if the Congress denies him ticket, he said he would cross the bridge when he comes to it.

Source: Deccan Herald

Deccan Chronicle quoting senior Congress leader in New Delhi reports that Pu HT Sangliana is the undisputed candicate for Bangalore Central constituency. The party will not change its commitments made to Sangliana for having voted for the N-deal, the Congress leader was quoted as saying.

Congress list for Karnataka is likely to be announced on Monday (March 23) when party chief Sonia Gandhi will arrive in the state for campaign.

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Delhi Thurawn Kum 25 Lawmna

:::From Lalremlien Neitham:::
NEW DELHI, MARCH 21, 2009 khan Hmar Student’s Association (HSA), Joint Headquarters, Delhi chun an kartin chanchinbu kum 25 na (Silver Jubilee) lawmna Bethesda Social Service Centre (BSSC), Mahipalpur, New Delhi ah an hmang a. An programme nei a puitlingin an hoi hle niin chanchin ei dong.

Hi Silver Jubilee lawmna a hin nupui, papui, thralai, le naupang 100 vel an thrang a, Tv. Zakariah Varte le Esther Lalsanhim hai chun an thruoi a, hun hongna Pastor J. Thanglur in trongtraina neiin a hong.

Hi huna hin thuhrilna mi 5 haia inthokin ngaitlak a ni a, an thuhril ngai an hoi a, hung khawm haiin an ngaitlak an hlawkpui ngei beisei a nih. Thuhrilna hun nei hai chu – Pu RH Hminglien (Social Gospel), Tv. David Buhril (Reading and Writing Culture), Pu Dr. Lalsiemlien Pulamte (Inchuklai Nun), Pu L. Keivom (Hmarram Ka Hmu Dan) le Pu C. Thant Khawbung (Social Duties) hai an nih. An thuhrilnaa inthokin fak ding tam tak a um a, hnam ta dinga hmasawnna ding le hartharna ding tamtak an hril a, hieng ang programme hi nei uor dinga nih, tiin HSA thruoituhai chun thurawn tamtak an dong.

Hi ni hin Delhi Thurawn Silver Jubilee Souvenir Magazine – THURAWN tia inbuk chu Pu Benjamin Khawbung in tlangzar bok. Hi Magazine hi ni 29 March, 2009 a inthokin zor tran ning a tih. A man ding chu Rs. 100 a nih. Hi Magazine a hin article thar 10 le ti vel le Delhi Thurawn chanchinbu article hlui 25 thlang suok hai inchuon a nih.

Silver Jubilee lawmna ni hin ei hlasak thiem Tv. Vanlalmuon Joute, Nk. Ruth Ruoltinsing, Nk. Jocelyn Joute, Nk. Rebecca le The Jesse Band haiin hla tieng a fekhawm hai an inhoi hne hle. Insukhlimna/ Entertainment khawvel tieng ‘Kohran Inthuruollo’ inti pawl haiin hun an hmang a, mipui an sukhlim hle. a khom an ‘show’ en thei dingin a um. Hun kharna Pastor Lalditsak Inbuon in a nei hnungin, Bawngsa Chartang le Uisa Chartang hme in ‘ruoi’ thre a nih.

Video courtesy: Sinleng News

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3rd HSA Exe Council Resolutions

Hmarkhawlien, the 28th February, 2009

Speaker : Chawnghmunlur Varte, Deputy Speaker, HSA Gen. Headquarters
Secretary : Vanlallien Pulamte, Deputy Secretary HSA Gen. Headquarters

Pu Lalthuthlung, President HSA Barak Valley Jt. Hqrs in Pathien kuoma tongtaina a nei zovin hieng a hnuoia hai hi lungruol taka rel thluk a nih.

Resolution No. 1
HSA Jt. Hqrs demarcation chungchang hi HSA CEC/OB haiin lo ennawnin HSA Gen. Assembly huna rel dingin hma lo la hai sien tha kan tih. Chun HSA hrat nawk zuola a fe theina dingin Jt. Hqrs hnuoia unit hai hi indinthar le in tuoitharna nei vat nisien tha kan ti bok.

Churachandpur Jt. Hqrs hai hung rawtna angin Gen. Hqrs in Jt. Hqrs tin le Branch tin hai sukhratna dingin kanna nei sien kan ti bok.

Resolution No. 2
Hmar Leader Conclave (Mizoram Chapter 2008) nei kha ngun taka ennawnna le hriltlang a ni hnungin Hmar hnam inpumkhatna le hratna tieng ratha an suo el khelah, hnam inpumkhatna hmangruo thatak niin kan hriet bok. Hieng ang Conclave inhmunkhawmna hi Gen. Hqrs le Mizoram Jt. Hqrs haiin a tul ang peia hma lazawm pei sien tha kan tih.

Resolution No. 3
Hmarbiel (Manipur) Education chungchang nguntaka ngaituo a ni hnungin Gen. Hqrs in an hmatienga Hmarbiela Education Monitoring Board le Education Rebuilding Program (ERP), RPC NEI meeting nei puia hma lak nisien tha kan tih.

Resolution No. 4
Assam rama MIL teacher hai hlaw la pek theilo bat hai hi a rulna dingin Cachar biel sunga Hmar MIL la students hai kuoma fee dawl nisien tha kan tia; N.C. Hills a Hmar MIL la hai po chu dawl anni ta leiin dawl nitanaw hai sien kan tih bok.

Assam pumpuia Hmar hai lai MIL Monitoring Committee hung ngirsuok dan, MIL inchuk theia nawr dawk ani dan le tu chen inchuklai hai le Hmar hnam in ei sawr dan uor taka zieka thedar le sum dawl nisien tha kan tih.

Longterm a dingin HSA Gen. Hqrs, HSA Jt. Hqrs (NCH & KA le Barak Valley), Education Rebuilding Program (ERP), le Hmar MIL Monitoring Committee haiin Joint Meeting nei nisien kan tih. A tul ani chun Joint Committee indina an hma thei ang taka hma la dingin kan rel.

Resolution No. 5
HSA Gen. Assembly 2009 hi Jt. Hqrs a la nuom an um chun March 15, 2009 sung ngeia Gen. Hqrs in hriettir nisien kan tia, a hun le hmun ding chu Gen. Hqrs in March thla sung ngeia inhriettirna hung siem dingin tha kan tih.

Hieng a chunga resolution hai baka hin Council chun Endorsement dingin a hnuoia hai hi a siem bok :-
1. Hmar kohran Inpumkhatna dinga hmalakna hi ngun taka Council chun a ngaituo hnungin tha a ti pui.
2. Hmar Gospel Centenary chungchanga Hmar Church Leaders’ Forum hai hmalakna chu HSA Council chun tha a ti pui.
3. N.C Hills hming thlak danglam tumna thu le inzawmna HSA, N.C. Hills & Karbi Anglong Jt. Hqrs in Indigenous Peoples’ Forum (IPF) hai hmalakna a thlawp hi Council chun tha a ti puia, a tul anga Gen. Hqrs le Jt. Hqrs dang hai le inhrietpawna siem hi tha an ti bok.

Hieng a chunga hai po rel le sukfel a ni hnungin Pu Zothanglur Sanate, Assembly Speaker, HSA Gen. Assembly in Palai fekhawm hai kawla lawmthu hrila tongtaina a nei zovin HSA Executive Council-vawithumna chu suk tawp a nih.

Deputy Speaker

Deputy Secretary
HSA, Gen. Headquarters HSA, Gen. Headquarters

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Jiribam goes to the drain under the gambling craze

IMPHAL, MARCH 20: Teer, a form of gambling which originated in Meghalaya has become a new found craze of the people of Jiribam sub-division.

People here have been literally hooked to the gambling game that many denizens have forgotten their chores and other important activities of life.

If one observes, groups of people will be seen talking to each other at tea stalls in the morning talking about their dreams of the previous night.

They believe that their dreams give them some secret message or hint about the number of tickets which may win prizes next day.

Results of this gambling are given twice in a day much to the delight and anguish of the gamblers.

The numerical game which starts with digits 00 to 99 is played twice in a day as first round and second round.

A winning ticket that costs Re one can fetch a prize of Rs 80 in the first round draw.

The second round draw can fetch Rs 70 from the ticket of same price.

There is another jackpot round called “Forecast” in which a lucky person can win Rs 2000 by a ticket of Re one when numbers of both rounds match with the winning ticket.

However, the new found craze has become a sort of scourge with attention of the people focused on this gambling.

Even Govt employees including teachers have fallen prey to this game of lottery.

One would observe groups of Government employees engage in animated talks about the game while paying little or no attention to their responsibilities and duties.

One can also find enthusiasts of this game thronging some shops/kiosks where books that interpret books are sold.

One individual, obviously addicted to this game, said on condition of anonymity, that if he saw a dead person in his dream, he would go for ticket having number 00 (double zero).

If he saw a male he would go for No 6 and No 5 in case he saw a female.

Nowadays, there is nothing called bad omens or bad dreams as everything one saw in the dream can be interpreted into winning numbers in this game of gambling, he said.

n Angam Kuki, an agent of the gambling game, said that he could earn at least Rs 1000 per day.

Sometimes, the daily earning from selling tickets went up to Rs 5000. Another agent identified as S Roy said that Rs 4000 to 5000 could be earned on a good day.

But Sunday is most dull and disliked by every body as there is no draw of Teer at Shillong on Sunday.

But on the other side, one T Hmar hooked to the game, disclosed that she has sold off some of her belongings to keep in touch with the gambling.

“Even though I have lost, I cannot resist the temptation of this gambling game’, Hmar confided.

Taking serious note of the social menace caused by this gambling game, a social activist said that it is high time for the law enforcing agency to curb the current trend of gambling.

Source: The Sangai Express

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Ei Lengna Vangkhuo (Music Video)

Hla: Ei Lengna Vangkhuo
Saktu: Lalsanglien Zote& Mary Jone
Album: Haire Hai 2
Lem Changtu: David & Rebecca Tau
Director: J B Tau
Producer: Pi Lalringzuol

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Hmar e-Bible: Sin A Fe Mek

BANGALORE: Hmar e-Bible siem tuma HSA Bangalore Branch in hma an lakna chu a fe mek thu dawng anih.

Chun, Delhi Hmar Baibul Translation Committee (DHBTC) kuoma ‘soft copy’ HSA in hnina an siem le inzawmin zanilai khan phal takin DHBTC chun an lo pek suok tah.

Chanchin dawng danin Hmar tawnga Bible version danghai khom hi project hin huomsa tumin HSA Bangalore branch chun hma an lak mek.

Buoina umlo a siemzo thei ani chun, Hmar in E-Bible (electronic) ei nei hmasatakna ding anih.

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